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HarperTeen is the new home of the most exciting teen publishing anywhere. HarperTeen books may pull back the curtain on the fabulous lives of the beautiful people, go beneath the humdrum veneer of the girl next door, or offer a glimpse into the days and nights of troubled teens. Comprising a wide range of critically acclaimed and bestselling titles, HarperTeen books reflect teen readers’ own lives, their everyday realities and their aspirations, their struggles and their triumphs. From topical contemporary novels to lighthearted series books, from award-winning literary tales to smart and sassy beach reads, HarperTeen is the place to find compelling voices that get to the heart of what it means to be a teen

Graphic Novels
A Visual Literary Art Form

No Flying, No Tights

"Graphic novels are as disparate from books as is a play or a movie. It's a different experience entirely. Pictures carry another kind of information than words. What is most exciting is that a picture language and a word language can interweave, which can't be done by either one alone."
-Will Eisner

Available for Young Adults