Book and Video Sale!
The Vernon Free Library offers a great selection of used paperback books for sale, available just outside the library door in the lobby.
Paperbacks are just 50¢ each.
Puzzles are $3.
All other books are by donation.
There's even a rack of free magazines right outside our door!

Vernon Free Library Totebags

Support Vernon Free Library With
Your Own Canvas Carrying Bag!

Tote Bag 

These high quality tote bags are made with durability in mind. Made out of super-sturdy canvas, you'll get years of use out of it. They are available for sale in the library for only $10.00 each. Please ask to see one! All proceeds from the sale of these bags will go toward purchasing new and exciting books for you to enjoy!


Please bring us your used paperbacks, hardcovers, audio CDs,  and DVDs! We'd love to have them!

The most generous donations you provide help us immensely by increasing the variety of our collection and helping us to know what our members are interested in. Even when a donation is not added to to our collection, it it is set aside to go into our massive book sale in the fall, so it benefits the library both ways.

The only thing we ask is that you do not put donations in the book drop or outside our doors. Please bring them in during normal library hours and leave them with the staff. Thanks!